More on Products

Training is always an essential and winning element for perfecting one's skills.

More on Products
1 day
N. Partecipanti 
Obiettivi del corso 
A better understanding of the products and their action on the main anomalies. Broaden the experience on potential synergies and customized treatments.
A chi si rivolge? 
To the owner/manager of the salon and to those collaborators who are oriented to these kind of service
Materiale rilasciato 
At the end of the course you will be given a Certificate of Attendance.
Reaching a high knowledge level and training appropriate skills in order to create a specialized professional in the salon.

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Reaching a high performance requires a high products quality (innovative and cutting edge formulas) and focus on the specific treatments in the salon (created for the care and maintenance of hair and scalp).

That is why it is very important to know the elements of excellence in the products, but also how to use them in a synergy, through specific handling. Nubeà created a specific training program, focused on deepening the knowledge on the use of the products and on treatments in order to improve the hairdresser's skills, to evolve and to understand the customers' needs for satisfying them in the best possible way.

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