detoxifying treatment

The life cycle of the hair is greatly affected by our way of life. Stress and a poor diet are at the root of a deterioration in the functioning of the hair bulb, as well as climate change and pollution which can damage the health of the hair itself.

The basic condition necessary for hair to be able to grow healthy and strong is that the hair bulb be perfectly able to receive nutrients from the microcirculation of the skin. So it is fundamental that the subcutaneous structure is maintained in peak form to carry out this synthesis in the most efficient way through actions of constant and regular detoxification.

Detoxification, - obtained through the application of a precious mix of Essential Oils - allows the scalp to regain its perfect balance thanks to the important nutrients it receives that are necessary to the synthesis of keratin to occur.



The regular use of Essentia keeps the scalp in optimum condition and able to grow hair that is strong and healthy. The precious Essential Oils of Pinus Sylvestris, Salvia Officinalis and Rosmarinus Officinalis mixed with trace elements deeply purify the scalp, improving the vitality of the hair in a sensitive way.